Press Releases For Arizona RV Parks & Campgrounds

October 5, 2015

North Phoenix RV Parks and businesses welcome RVers back after the city shuts down the mulching facility that caused health concerns for RV Park guests and local employees

RV Park operators in the Deer Valley area of North Phoenix are telling their snowbirds it will be safe to come back this winter after the city has shut down a nearby mulching facility with a reputation of producing intolerable odors and particulate pollution.

July, 2015

TV Producer Leaves Hollywood To Work At Family RV Park

With 20 years of experience as a freelance producer for Paramount Studios, ABC Studios and Warner Bros. TV, Scott Swanson of Buckeye has no trouble finding work in Hollywood.

July, 2015

Arizona’s Reverse Migration Is In Full-Swing As Desert Residents Flee to Flagstaff Area Campgrounds

Arizona is one of America’s most popular snowbird destinations, drawing hundreds of thousands of empty-nesters and retirees each year from the Northern US and Canada.

July, 2015

Desert Dwellers Are Heading Into Arizona’s Mountains To Escape The Mid-Summer Heat

Some are spending the whole summer in the mountains, while others are commuting to campgrounds every weekend to enjoy the cool air, scenic settings and quality time with friends and family.

August, 2014

Northern AZ Campgrounds Report Strong Summer Travel Season

Area campgrounds will spend September and October catering to RV rally groups, fall foliage enthusiasts, travelers bound for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and snowbirds returning to southern Arizona.

July, 2014

Northern AZ Campgrounds Report Stronger Reservations And Occupancy Levels

Northern Arizona’s campground business is fueled by out of state travelers as well as southern Arizona residents who are fleeing the desert heat so they can enjoy pleasant days in the pines.

May, 2014

Many Arizona Campgrounds Now Offer Rental Accommodations

Travelers can often savor the natural sights and sounds of Northern Arizona in campgrounds even if they don’t have an RV or tent.

May, 2014

Northern Arizona Beckons With Food, Wine & Cultural Events Throughout The Summer Months

While Northern Arizona is famous for the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and other scenic wonders, the region also offers numerous food, wine and cultural events.

May, 2014

The Grand Canyon Is Just One Of Many Attractions For Travelers Heading To Northern Arizona, the statewide travel planning website, helps travelers identify “base camps” they can use for their trips to see some of the best preserved Native American cliff dwellings and other archaeological sites across Northern Arizona.

February 17, 2014

Pickleball Craze Sparks A Building Boom At RV Resorts In Arizona And Across The Sunbelt

Pueblo El Mirage RV & Golf Resort, which added 16 pickleball courts two years ago, is hosting the Grand Canyon State Games, Wednesday through Sunday, the third largest pickleball tournament in the world.